Welcome badass guest,

We're so happy you've accepted our invitation and agreed to share some of your hard-won wisdom on how to Age Like a Badass Mother. The published podcast will be audio-only, but we may use short video excerpts as promotional teasers. To get the best quality audio and video, we’ll be recording the interview with a platform called Riverside. It's compatible only with Google Chrome. 

Here are some other tips for achieving the best possible audio and video quality.

    • If you're not confident in the quality of your computer's built-in mic and/or camera, we may send you a
      kit to use during the taping.
    • Make sure you’re positioned near a window or other light source, and turn off any bright lights behind you.
    • If Google Chrome is already set as your default browser, you can just click the big button below. If you usually open links in Safari, you'll need to copy the link instead, and paste it into Chrome.
    • Chrome may prompt for camera and microphone access - please allow these permissions.
    • Our producer David Rice will greet you in the Riverside Studio and make sure you're all set.
    • Lisa and Lauren will join, and you're off and running!

If you have any questions leading up to your appearance, please email David Rice. For day-of-show or urgent needs, please text David at (512) 636-4716.

or copy this link and paste into Google Chrome